Friday, April 22, 2011


Track 1 - Rock House / Ernie Freeman Combo
Track 2 - Ill Wind / John Buzon Trio
Track 3 - The Girl From Ipanema Meditation  / Denny McLain
Track 4 - Love Is Just Around The Corner / Jackie Davis
Track 5 - Movin' At Midnight / Sir Julian
Track 6 - VocĂȘ E Eu / Walter Wanderley
Track 7 - Lil' Darlin' / Joe Bucci Trio
Track 8 - Patricia / Joe Bucci Trio
Track 9 - The Third Man Theme / Don Baker Trio
Track 10 - A Man And A Woman / Sir Julian
Track 11 - Mr. Ghost Goes To Town / John Buzon Trio
Track 12 - Laura More / Denny McLain
Track 13 - Perfidia / Jackie Davis
Track 14 - The Late, Late Show / Milt Buckner
Track 15 - Fever Comin' Home Baby / Ernie Freeman Combo
Track 16 - Flying Fiddles / Shay Torrent
Track 17 - Song Of The Bayou / Martin Denny
Track 18 - Enchanted Farm / Forbidden Five
Track 19 - Where Was I? / French Guy

The best way I can describe this compilation is to say that the music sounds like the sort of stuff you'd hear in a groovy old cinema before they show the movie. Or maybe when a t.v channel is having a break in transmission. The tracks glide gracefully between exotica, lounge and easy listening with the common thread being the presence of various organs. Quality is maintained throughout but I do particularly like the jazzier moments comprised within "Movin' At Midnight" and "Fever Comin' Home Baby" ( a mash up of "Fever" and "Comin' Home" ). All in all it's what you would expect from an Ultra Lounge comp, lots of sexy, slinky cocktail friendly groovers.

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Mike said...

Interesting song choices in there. Another great post.

Speaking of cinemas, remember this?