Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Track 1 - Enter The Dragon
Track 2 - Theme From Hong Kong
Track 3 - Heart Of The Dragon
Track 4 - Hold Them Kung Fu
Track 5 - Flames Of The Dragon
Track 6 - Scorching Iron
Track 7 - Black Belt Jones
Track 8 - Skango
Track 9 - Fungaa
Track 10 - Black Belt
Track 11 - Iron Fist
Track 12 - Kung Fu Man

This kung fu themed curiosity was recorded by Perry in 1975 at his Black Ark studio. The sound is more in line with reggae than it is with dub ( if you are looking for deep bass you wont find it here ), there are also some interesting production techniques used. You would think there might be an eastern influence to some of the tracks given the concept of the album but that isn't the case, it's straight up Jamaican. There are a couple of songs that I think are quite good, "Flames Of The Dragon" has a nice guitar groove and echo infused vocals, "Iron Fist" also stands out, in part because it seems to have a better sound quality than many of the other tracks. I was somewhat disappointed when I listened to this album but thought it was worth posting as a bit of a curio.


Mike said...

A reggae kung fu movie soundtrack cover album... (How in the world did you come across this?)

What's next, a polka band of Greek midgets from Iceland covering Frank Zappa tunes?

Mr. Craig said...

Well, I like a challenge...

I listened to those mixes this morning that you sent. I particularly liked "Modern Life" and the track from Rygar.

"Daring Endeavour" was interesting, where did you get it from? There are a couple of tracks with endeavour in the title on the Bruton "Auturbine" which is by Coleman but this one wasn't on it...

Mike said...

I don't know off the top of my head but I'll find out later for you (where 'Daring Endeavour' is from). Once I find it, I'll send the album your way.

'Modern Life' is a great cut. The track from Rygar was probably its best song.

Well, if challenging yourself means coming up with cool obscurities like the above-mentioned, keep it up.