Thursday, April 21, 2011


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Side A - Evolution
Side B - Emergence

What can I say about "Worlds Within Worlds"? Well, it's avant garde, electronic, musique concrete that will appeal to those who like their music to be challenging. The record has a dream like quality which sometimes descends into the territory of nightmares ( distorted human screams anyone? ). I really have no idea what's going on but I like it and it clearly demonstrates that Kirchin had a healthy does of genius and madness going on. Are you brave enough to take the trip?


dom said...

This music was used in the film "The Mutations" (aka "The Freakmaker"). In the commentary of the dvd, the film's producer mentions that Kirchin recorded the voices of autistic children to produce some of the sounds...though why an autistic child would sound any different I don't know. There is a previous "Worlds Within Worlds" album from 1971, available on this blog-

Mr. Craig said...

According to Trunk Records parts of this were also used in the soundtrack to "Taxi Driver" which is interesting. As for the autistic children, he did the same thing on his record "Quantum" which I'm going to post next week.

Anonymous said...

Why was this deleted from mediafire? Please upload it it's impossible to get ahold of