Monday, April 4, 2011


Track 1 - In The Limelight / David Lindup
Track 2 - Happy Go Lively / Laurie Johnson
Track 3 - Hackney Carriage / King Palmer
Track 4 - Trafficscape / Eric Winstone
Track 5 - Workaday World / Jack Beaver
Track 6 - Curley Shirley / Otto Sieben
Track 7 - Bell Hop / John Shakespeare
Track 8 - Man About Town / Laurie Johnson
Track 9 - Holiday Playtime / King Palmer
Track 10 - Bargains Galore / Stuart Combie & Dennis Berry
Track 11 - Speaking Guitar / Gerhard Narholz
Track 12 - Shopping Spree / Laurie Johnson
Track 13 - Stop Gap / Wilfred Burns
Track 14 - Toys For Boys / Boris Schoska
Track 15 - Gala Performance / Laurie Johnson
Track 16 - Sleepy Shores / Johnny Pearson

The title of this totally cool compilation should really be "Music For A 1950's New York Shopping Spree" because that is the emotional response I get listening to these groovy delights. Some of the tracks remind me of music that has been used on The Simpsons ( Homer's land of chocolate fantasy? ), it's a fast paced and kitsch collection with more than a bit in common with elevator muzak. Laurie Johnson's work just sparkles with "Happy Go Lively" being the standout in my opinion. Other highlight include "Trafficscape" by Eric Winstone, "Bargains Galore" by Stuart Combie & Dennis Berry and the swinging "Stop Gap" by Wilfred Burns". As with "Music For T'V Dinners: The 60's" the set culminates with a Johnny Pearson classic.

This CD is a fun ride from start to finish and will appeal to library music, easy listening and lounge fans in equal measure. The download link is courtesy of Bryan's Lounge.


Tex said...

This was a great collection. TV Land used music from this when they used to do fake commercials (back in the days when they actually showed TV shows instead of movies and "original" programs.)

"Happy Go Lively" was used in The Avengers as well.

(enjoying these audio trips down memory lane)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful nostalgic music from the past.
Thank You for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Any chance of re uploading this sample~ on mediafire?

Mr. Craig said...

Yes, I am replacing all my Megaupload links. It is just taking a little while because there were quite a few of them. I'll try to make this one a priority.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Craig said...

New link is up.