Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Track 1 - Western Living
Track 2 - Holidays
Track 3 - Domestic Noon
Track 4 - Domestic Afternoon
Track 5 - Pizzicato Days
Track 6 - Busy Anyone
Track 7 - Happy Vacation
Track 8 - In Fashion
Track 9 - After The Fox
Track 10 - Central Park
Track 11 - Act One
Track 12 - Leisure

I couldn't find much information about L.B Glindermann on the internet apart from that he was the leader of a Danish big band. Whatever the origins of this collection ( I couldn't even find a cover for it ), there is a plethora of easy, consumer / domestic type grooves that have a lot in common with "Music For T.V Dinners". Playful strings and piano form the basis for most of the tracks with some occasional nice drumming thrown in. I think this download may have come from Bryan at Bryan's Lounge so I'm not sure if it is a mix or an original album, either way it is a rewarding listen that will appeal to the easy / lounge set.


Tasty Grooves said...

sounds great! I wanna go shopping right away!Never heard of this guy before!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Tasty, hope you enjoy it.

Mike said...

Thanks again Mr. Craig for another fine addition.

DonHo57 said...

Excellent, man, just excellent!

Any Instant said...

Capitol HI-Q Production Tunes .... see Ren & Stimpy