Saturday, April 9, 2011


Track 1 - Big Fight
Track 2 - L'Ultima Minaccia
Track 3 - Droga E Paura
Track 4 - Senza Via D'uscita
Track 5 - Dark Suspence
Track 6 - Pronti Per L'agguato
Track 7 - Tensione Notturna
Track 8 - Running To The Airport
Track 9 - A Un Passo Dal Pericolo
Track 10 - Deep Night
Track 11 - Caccia Al Cinese
Track 12 - Fiato Sospeso
Track 13 - Autostrada Della Morte
Track 14 - Affanno

This Cometa release from 1977 has the Italian title of "Il Cinico, L'infame E Il Violento" and was one of the albums used to source material for the ultra cool "Piombo Rovente" compilation. Many of the tracks clock in at 2 minutes or less which gives you some idea of the tight and to-the-point nature of the music. You can more or less split the record up into two halves, with the full throttle funk explosions on one side and the tense, dramatic numbers on the other. "Affanno", "Big Fight", "Senza Via D'uscita", "Running To The Airport" and "Fiato Sospeso" are the epitome of everything that is great about crime funk with their driving beats, blasting horns, pulsing piano and wild wah wah guitar. From the quieter tracks "Tensione Notturna" and "Caccia Al Cinese" stand out with their ominous overtones. To be honest it is hard to find a fault anywhere with his highly desirable and delectable soundtrack. It gets my "10 out of 10 Frolics" stamp of approval.

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