Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Track 1 - Cecilia
Track 2 - In The Summertime
Track 3 - Come Together
Track 4 - Manha De Carnival
Track 5 - Mas Soledad
Track 6 - Book Of Dad
Track 7 - Chopiniana In Bossa
Track 8 - Uncle Jim
Track 9 - La Cucacracha
Track 10 - Tequila
Track 11 - Memories Of You
Track 12 - Honey, Rhythm & Butter

Pinto Varez ( real name Francesco Anselmo ) presents a set of cover songs on this Phase 6 Super Stereo release from 1970. The mood is lounge / easy with a healthy dose of Italy meets South America groove. Some of the more recognisable tracks are "In The Summertime", "Tequila". "La Cucaracha" and a fab version of "Come Together".  This record is a little corny at times but "Mahna De Carnival" and "Honey, Rhythm & Butter" show off a more serious, jazzier side. This link is care of Mondo Ribelle.

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litlgrey said...

Jeez, I forgot about this one. It's worth noting that "Varez" issued some of these tracks again on a follow-up called "Uncle Jim - Music on the Rocks."