Sunday, April 3, 2011


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Track 1 - Sesame Street Theme / The Village Soul Choir
Track 2 - Sesame Street Fever / Brian Gibb, The Count, Grover
Track 3 - Pinball Number Count / The Pointer Sisters
Track 4 - Roosevelt Franklin Counts / Roosevelt Franklin
Track 5 - Rubber Duckie / Ernie And His Rubber Duckie
Track 6 - Man On The Move / Unknown
Track 7 - Come On And Git It / The Village Soul Choir
Track 8 - Bein' Green / Kermit The Frog & The Girls
Track 9 - What Happened To The Vows We Made? / The Village Street Choir
Track 10 - Doin' The Trash / Oscar The Grouch & The Girls
Track 11 - Pinball Number Count (Jazz Version) / The Neil Cowley Trio
Track 12 - The Skin I'm In / Roosevelt Franklin
Track 13 - Sesame's Treet / Smart E's
Track 14 - Sesame Street / Paul F. Tompkins
Track 15 - Twelve / Venetian Snares
Track 16 - Eleven, Twelve / Braces Tower
Track 17 - Pinball Count (DJ Food Mix) / The Pointer Sisters
Track 18 - Pinball Count / Inglewood Jack
Track 19 - Pinball Number Count / The Postmarks

These 19 Sesame Street themed tracks have been collected from a number of unusual sources. Some are taken from the 70+ official releases that have been put out over the years, others have been donated by supporters of Funky Frolic (Budd and Mike via Frayker) and the last few songs come from my own collection. The Roosevelt Franklin album is an interesting one, he was a short lived jive-talking character that was shown the door because of the potential bad influence he might have on children. There is a few disco themed SS records and I have included some of those tracks here plus there is a bonus comedy bit by Paul F. Tompkins to finish proceedings. If there is enough requests I might be encouraged to post some of the albums I used to put this compilation together.


Budd said...

Great comp! Really good range of music styles - all fun and upbeat!
Kermit was right It's Not That Easy 'Bein Green' -I have sift and sort through loads of trash and put them into seperate boxes.. If one thing is out of place the 'jobs worth' binman don't collect it!!

Mike said...

Glad to see you added 'Man On The Move'; sorry that I don't know who the composer is for that cut.

Such fond memories! I used to watch SS back in the day before heading out for school. They simply don't make 'em like they used to.

walker77 said...

Really fun stuff all around, love the Neil Cowley and the Disco tracks - much obliged!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks guys. I had fun putting this together.

greg from daddytypes said...

Unknown? Dude.

Pinball Number Count is composed by Walt Kraemer and performed by the Pointer Sisters.

Which does not take away from the epicness of this compilation, tho. Nice work.

Holly said...

Thank you! Always a pleasure to listen to Roosevelt Franklin ;-)

Gonzalo Duque "Gonzo" said...

Haven't downloaded yet but I will! I always wanted to obtain the "electronic" and flute cue used for the little red ball counting the number 3 as it traveled through a scale "roller-coaster" and then gets grinded up at the end. It almost sounds like "When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love" but there are subtle differences. There;s a YouTube video of this piece here:

Thanks!! Great blog!! I have a gazillion KPMs I should contribute! All at 320 kbps and properly tagged!