Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Track 1 - Harlem
Track 2 - Cuzco
Track 3 - Bali
Track 4 - Bahia
Track 5 - Belfast
Track 6 - Tutti Noi
Track 7 - Las Vegas
Track 8 - Biafra
Track 9 - Yellow Park
Track 10 - Lima
Track 11 - Atene
Track 12 - Boston

This curious library record from 1970 was released on the obscure Italian label Squirrel. Possessing a sound all of it's own, "Acadde A" has found favour with such hip hop performers as Quasimoto (Madlib) who have used samples from this album.

It's a music voyage that takes in Bali, Lima, Las Vegas and more, "Belfast" in particular stands out and almost qualifies as hip hop in it's own right with it's wicked drum breaks and ingenious use of bagpipes. "Yellow Park" is also a rare groove delight and "Harlem" has been comped on "Suono Libero Vol.2". While it may not offer the same immediacy that is prevalent in other Italian LP's of the same period, it has many qualities which will continue to endure long into the future.


Holly said...

Bagpipes? I'm in! :-)

ElFamosoDemon said...

How did yo get this? This album is ultra rare.

Mr. Craig said...

Well, I don't actually have a vinyl copy. It's quite easy to find a download online so I just reposted it here. It's quite good isn't it?

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff. just to let you know madlib & quasimoto are the same person. (;

please post more awesome stuff.

all the best

DJ Muskut

Armpit Studios said...

BTW, there's some Windows interface sound in Accadde in Biafra between 1:29 and 1:30.