Monday, April 25, 2011


Track 1 - Title Theme
Track 2 - Follow Me
Track 3 - Title Theme
Track 4 - Title Theme
Track 5 - Girl Faces
Track 6 - Dirty Beat
Track 7 - Soul Guitar
Track 8 - Getting Blue
Track 9 - Dirty Boy
Track 10 - Ecstasy Blues
Track 11 - Title Theme
Track 12 - Sexy Girls
Track 13 - Blues Party
Track 14 - Hot Dance
Track 15 - Dirty Dancing
Track 16 - Ballet Elevin
Track 17 - Blue Mood
Track 18 - Ecstasy Dance
Track 19 - Little Girls

This compilation of Gert Wilden tracks from German softcore porn films including "Schoolgirl Report" was released on the excellent Crippled Dick Hot Wax label back in 1996. Fuzzy guitar rock and big band horns feature heavily which sets the collection apart from the more bass / funk style of porn groove that most of us are familiar with. As far as comparisons go I'd say it is in the same ballpark as "Popshopping Vol.1" with a healthy dose of quirky and kitsch grooves. There are a few more romantic numbers ( "Ballet Elevin", "Sexy Girls", "Ecstasy Blues" ) that further extend the appeal of what is overall a competent and enjoyable record.


Mike said...

Sure is a nice day!

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Hi, I was planning on posting that within the next days, so I guess I'll be looking for something else now.

But great that it is back in public vision, these tracks are just too good to be forgotten in some old archives.

HeySuchAndSuch said...

This is really one of the BEST soundtracks around....huuuuge thanx for putting it up!