Thursday, April 7, 2011


Track 1 - Main Title, Kingdom Battle
Track 2 - Leaving Drydock
Track 3 - The Cloud
Track 4 - The Enterprise
Track 5 - Ilia's Theme
Track 6 - Vejur Flyover
Track 7 - The Meld
Track 8 - Spock's Walk
Track 9 - End Title

Jerry Goldsmith's score for Star Trek pushes all the right buttons in terms of capturing that feeling of adventure and exploring the unknown which are trademarks of the ST movies. Track 1 is practically a soundtrack in itself considering the amount of musical territory it covers over the course of 7 minutes. "The Cloud" and "Vejur Flyover" both impress me with their restrained, foreboding characteristics, "Leaving Drydock" is a good example of Goldsmith's use of light and shade and "The Meld" has all the hallmarks of quality space themed music.

This soundtrack is probably held in higher regard by Star Trek fans than hardcore Goldsmith aficionados but it has plenty to offer the casual listener too.

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I-FE said...

God, I love Jerry Goldsmith.