Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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Track 1 - Newsfront A
Track 2 - Newsfront B
Track 3 - Newsfront C
Track 4 - Newsfront D
Track 5 - Link Up A
Track 6 - Link Up B
Track 7 - Tristar
Track 8 - Street Pictures
Track 9 - Razor's Edge A
Track 10 - Razor's Edge B
Track 11 - Razor's Edge C
Track 12 - Flashpoints
Track 13 - Element Of Risk
Track 14 - Executive Travel
Track 15 - Winning Formula
Track 16 - High Technology
Track 17 - Time Code
Track 18 - Today's Girl
Track 19 - London Dawn
Track 20 - Pulse Code A
Track 21 - Pulse Code B

Without checking I can safely say this KPM by Andy Clark was released around 1984. What gives it away is the extreme level of synth pop cheesiness on display, in fact it has a great deal in common with Bruton records from the same period ( this is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on which side of the fence you sit on ). The electronics are used with skill and Clark certainly displays an ear for a good tune with "Tristar" and "Element Of Risk" being standout tracks. The general themes of achievement and activity are maintained throughout and it proves to be a worthwhile listen, especially for those who love their 80's library music.

Update - Actually it turns out this is from 1979 according to the knowledgeable retronic so it fooled me a bit.


retronic said...

This is a bit of a favourite of mine- I love 'Tristar'. It's from 1979 and crops up in Prisoner Cell Block H from around 1981, i the mid 200's.

Mike said...

Love this stuff. Thanks!

Mr. Craig said...

No probs Mike, glad you enjoy.

waylander said...

hey i was wondering if you could re-up the link isn't working :(

Mr. Craig said...