Friday, April 29, 2011


Track 1 - Venus
Track 2 - Knock, Knock
Track 3 - Carmen
Track 4 - Colombe Ivre
Track 5 - Je'taime, moi non plus
Track 6 - C'est Si Bon
Track 7 - Tzeinerlin
Track 8 - All Kinds Of Everything
Track 9 - Helsinki
Track 10 - Marie-Blanche
Track 11 - I'm In The Mood For Love
Track 12 - Lover

Here is a fun little album to get your weekend started. Breathless female vocals and go go grooves mix effortlessly with easy listening and a distinctly French style of sexiness.  I recognise a couple of the tracks as being cover songs but I'm unsure if the whole set is covers or if there are some original works included aswell. "Carmen", "Venus" and "Lover" are probably the pick of the tracks, sometimes the vocals are a bit overdone but I'm sure that if you're into the lounge / easy listening side of things then you'll dig this record. Thanks to the Detour blog for this rip.


Funkyfil44 said...

thanks!a unknown version for me from classic tune SERGE GAINSBOURG and JANE BIRKIN erotic song 1969 "JE T AIME MOI NON PLUS "...
you can find another great versions of this famous song in the original soundtrack movie "JE T AIME MOI NON PLUS" 1976 (the first movie of serge GAINSBOURG)with arrangments of JEAN PIERRE SABAR ... ( Also the famous JUST JAECKIN erotic movie 1977 MADAME CLAUDE with music of SERGE GAINSBOURG and JEAN PIERRE SABAR)

Mr. Craig said...

Thank you for your informative comments. Much appreciated.