Sunday, April 17, 2011


Track 1 - Bullitt / Lalo Schifrin
Track 2 - Theme From The Persuaders / John Barry
Track 3 - E.V.A / Jean Jacques Perrey
Track 4 - Theme From The Prisoner / Ron Grainer
Track 5 - Theme From Space 1999 / Barry Gray
Track 6 - Theme From Dirty Harry / Lalo Schifrin
Track 7 - Theme From The Sweeney / Wallace & Brint
Track 8 - Theme From Man In A Suitcase / Ron Grainer
Track 9 - James Bond Theme / Monty Norman & His Orchestra
Track 10 - Theme From Get Carter / Roy Budd
Track 11 - Theme From Whodunnit / Simon Haseley
Track 12 - Theme From The Champions / Tony Hatch
Track 13 - Main Theme From Joe 90 / Barry Gray
Track 14 - The Protectors: Avenues & Alleyways / Tony Christie
Track 15 - Randall & Hopkin Deceased / Edwin Astley
Track 16 - Theme From Van Der Velk - Eye Level / Jack Trombey
Track 17 - Theme From The Avengers / Laurie Johnson
Track 18 - Theme From The Saint / Lee Reed Brass
Track 19 - Theme From Dempsey & Makepeace / South Bank Orchestra
Track 20 - Theme From Jason King / Laurie Johnson
Track 21 - Theme From Sapphire & Steele / Cyril Ornadel
Track 22 - Theme From U.F.O / Barry Gray
Track 23 - Theme From The Baron / Edwin Astley
Track 24 - Theme From The Professionals / London Symphony Orchestra

Lalo Schifrin, Barry Gray, Roy Budd, John Barry all on the same record? That's reason enough to check out this great compilation but there are many more gems included. "E.V.A" by Jean Jacques Perrey which will never get tired, there's "Theme From The Sweeney", the subterranean bass of "Theme From Whodunnit?", the swinging "Theme From The Champions" and ofcourse the legend that is "James Bond Theme". The final track is a remix of "Theme From The Professionals" by Blueboy.

It's probably a step above Disk 2 but put them both together and you've got an encyclopedic look at the best in television and film theme music from the 1960's and 70's. A must have for your collection.


Mike said...

Both Bullitt & Dirty Harry are great. Another great theme by Lalo Schifrin is St. Ives (starring Charles Bronson).

Tex said...

Ah yes, I remember getting this. It was from the late (and much lamented) Virgin Megastore in New Orleans in 98. Save for that annoying 4% time compression in track 5 (due to a PAL source,) this was a PERFECT themes collection.

(who obsessed on track 14)

Mr. Craig said...

It is some sweet, sweet candy alright.