Friday, November 26, 2010



Track 1  - Keith Mansfield / The Great Outdoors
Track 2 - James Clarke / Holiday People
Track 3 - Keith Mansfield / Sun Lover
Track 4 - Keith Mansfield / Hollywood Premiere
Track 5 - James Clarke / Soft Memories
Track 6 - Neil Richardson / Fun In The Sun
Track 7 - Keith Mansfield / Life Of Lesuire
Track 8 - David Lindup / Sunseekers
Track 9 - James Clarke / Friendly Faces
Track 10 - Keith Mansfield / Whistle Stop Tour
Track 11 - Neil Richardson / Busy Spectacle
Track 12 - Keith Mansfield / The Loving Touch
Track 13 - Keith Mansfield / Husky Birdsong
Track 14 - Steve Gray / Time To Fly
Track 15 - Neil Richardson / Jewel Of An Evening
Track 16 - David Gold / Silk Stream
Track 17 - D. Gold / D. Rees / Forbidden Fruit
Track 18 - Steve Gray / A Tender Touch
Track 19 - James Clarke / Summer Season
Track 20 - Dick Doerschuk / Balenciaga
Track 21 - Dick Doerschuk / Paradise Found
Track 22 - Keith Mansfield / Towards The Sun
Track 23 - James Clarke / Elegance
Track 24 - James Clarke / Gentle Breeze
Track 25 - James Clarke / Summer Dreams
Track 26 - James Clarke / Violin Serenade
Track 27 - James Clarke / Life Of Luxury
Track 28 - Maschwitz, Sherwin / A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square

A wonderful collection of easy tunes from the KPM 1000 series featuring some of the best in the business at that time. A really comprehensive set of relaxed, soothing sounds that should please anyone who appreciates the KPM library. This link comes from the Just Funked website. If you would like more KPM compilations you can get them here or here.


Vinyl Room said...

Can't believe no comments yet on this, fantastic to say the least.

Best Wishes.


Mr. Craig said...

Cheers, plenty more KPM to come I assure you.

house303 said...

Very much impressed with this one and much to my liking...
Thank you!

Mr. Craig said...

It is a beauty. If you haven't got it already -"Setting The Scene: From The Vaults Of KPM" is another great comp which I have posted.

3-Pin said...

Outstanding site and offerings. Thank you very much, especially for this KPM comp.

Rich said...

Wow! You've got some great gems on this site. Awesome job, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! The best blog I've stumbled across in a long time. Unbelievable. Fabulous.

Keep up the good work. You make the world a better place with this. Seriously.

Thank you so very much!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for the compliments, it means a lot to me. Hopefully you'll enjoy my future postings.

mhdotcom said...

Help to identify some hot melodic cuts from the 80's

Anonymous said...