Thursday, February 3, 2011


Track 1 - Electric Boogie / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 2 - Hit Pack / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 3 - Flashdance / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 4 - Data Run / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 5 - Chaser / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 6 - Bodywalk / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 7 - Fun Pack / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 8 - Starfighter / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 9 - Bad Boys / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 10 - Body Poppin' / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 11 - Windsurfer / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 12 - Rollerskates / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 13 - Pub Boys / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 14 - Bucks Fizz / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 15 - Micro-Kid / Brian Wade & Dave Cook
Track 16 - Blackbeat / Brian Wade & Dave Cook

Your enjoyment of this record probably hinges on how fondly you look back on the music of the early to mid 80's. There are synthetic sounds galore within these fast paced themes that would fit nicely on the soundtrack to a retro computer game (or for the gym workout the woman on the cover is clearly preparing for). The only track that isn't by Brian Wade and Dane Cook is the excellent "Fun Pack" by Alan Hawkshaw. I'm sure "Hit Pack" is a divisive album for library music fans, some people really get into the later releases while others prefer to stick to the early 70's funkiness. I choose to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Claudio said...

Do you have this disc: "BRG4 - Good Times" Copyright by "Bruton Music Library" (1978)?

Mr. Craig said...

I'm sorry I do not have that one. I am posting 2 more Brutons in the next few days though.

blunderspublik said...

I have a new hero. I'm going to let everyone I know how awesome your blog is right now. Hopefully you don't get any flack from the library purists - but from a guy born at the end of the 70's, this style of music strikes a nostalgic chord for me.
Many thanks from Canada!

Mr. Craig said...

It's always a joy to wake up and find some kind words waiting for me at Frolic. I've got about 15 to 20 Bruton's which I'll post over the coming months. Cheers.

the saucer people said...

I am so glad to see you posting some Bruton releases that I have never come across before...the late seventies/early to mid eighties is the golden era of UK library records imo and often gets neglected though thanks to newer blogs like djmarselluswallace, Funky Frolic and Retro-teque (that is not to forget the oldschool blogging Paul Durango empire and libraryhunt and the emporium of course!) these more obscure Brutons have been lifted out of the memory hole and into the light of the day and hopefully more exposure will bring about a reappraisal of the more synthetic/electronic end of the Bruton label.

Great quality rips though I am guessing the bitrate suggests these are a few years old!

ps> Here are the three Brutons I have been wanting to hear for such a long time:

Alan Hawkshaw - Great Mysteries Of The World
Bruton Music Catalog#:BRM 7 (1981)

Alan Hawkshaw - New Horizon/The Seven Wonders Of The World Bruton Music Catalog#:BRN 5(1980)

Trevor Bastow / Alan Hawkshaw - Kinetics/Vision
Bruton Music Catalog#: BRI 8(1980)

If anyone can help with rips or links that would be splendid!

Oskar said...

Definitely seconding "Great Mysteries Of The World", this is a record I've been wanting for a long, long time!