Friday, February 18, 2011


Track 1 - Don't Play That Game / Klaus Weiss
Track 2 - UFO Invasion / Gerhard Nardolz
Track 3 - Intercity / Fred Rabold
Track 4 - Brass Glitter / Ambros Seelos
Track 5 - Wake Up In The Morning / Edgar Schlepper
Track 6 - Sax On The Rocks / Gus Brendel
Track 7 - BL Special / Berry Lipman
Track 8 - Madison Square 1 / Eugen Illin
Track 9 - Last Time / Joe Haider
Track 10 - Watch Out 3 / Klaus Weiss
Track 11 - Exotic Drums / Berry Lipman
Track 12 - Beach Buggy / Bob Elger
Track 13 - Soul Lady / Klaus Esser
Track 14 - Easter Afternoon / Ady Zehnpfennig

Fun and fab grooves abound in this collection from the old West Germany. The general vibe of this record is jazz / go go / beach party / library funk, if that helps at all! Performers like Klauss Weiss and Berry Lipman may already be familiar to library fans and their work here is very good. The whole set has been compiled with great skill and the tempo stays at a high level throughout. I'm sure it would make a great party album for all the funky cats out there. Check it out! Please note - Track 4 is missing from this rip, sorry folks.


kyle said...

You're blowin my mind with all this ear candy. Keep up the good work, Mr. Librarian!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Kyle, your comment made me laugh because I hava actually worked and volunteered in several libraries. Glad you are enjoying the grooves!