Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Track 1 - Main Theme
Track 2 - Princess Leia's Theme
Track 3 - Imperial Attack
Track 4 - Ben's Death And Tie Fighter Attack
Track 5 - Cantina Band
Track 6 - The Throne Room And End Titles

The moog strikes back in these cover songs from the original Star Wars movie. This album is worth downloading simply for the version of "Imperial Attack" which is absolutely fantastic along with the much loved "Cantina Band". The other tracks are satisfying enough although "Princess Leia's Theme" has some sound quality issues. I've been surprised by the popularity of the other moog albums I have posted at Frolic so hopefully there are plenty of people who will enjoy this one too.


Summo said...

Love the MOOGING of these classic anthems. Agree with The Bearded Funk Dragon (Mr Craig) on the 'Leia's Theme'. Cheers for a great posting.

Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

my best star war record but ear that please:

ChapterPlays said...

I love it. I remember my parents owning this on 8 track. My brother and I played this over and over again until we shredded the tape. Thanks again.