Sunday, February 6, 2011


Track 1 - Main Endeavour / John Coleman
Track 2 - Endeavour / John Coleman
Track 3 - Planned Endeavour / John Coleman
Track 4 - Planned Endeavour End / John Coleman
Track 5 - Pressing Endeavour 1 / John Coleman
Track 6 - Pressing Endeavour 2 / John Coleman
Track 7 - Super City / John Fiddy
Track 8 - Auturbine / John Fiddy
Track 9 - Regeneration / Jphn Fiddy
Track 10 - City Skyline / John Fiddy
Track 11 - Light Manufacturing / I.Martin & B.Dee
Track 12 - G Force / Francis Monkman
Track 13 - Fuel Injection / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 14 - The Speed Of Sound / Alan Hawshaw
Track 15 - Work On / Francis Monkman
Track 16 - Oblique Action / Francis Monkman
Track 18 - Art And Science / Francis Monkman

This is a Bruton that really defies description. It has an intriguing mix of jazz, funk, disco and orchestral influences contained within a range of different moods and tempos. While it has a bit of an early 80's vibe it was actually recorded in 1978. There is nothing wrong with the John Coleman tracks but I really dig the second half of this record (Francis Monkman tears things up!). It's the diverse nature of the music that sells this as a Bruton not be missed.

Note - I'm not sure what the deal is with the grey cover because I've seen it listed elsewhere with the typical BRL purple. Who knows. Maybe a reissue?


Killa said...

Me,Ptrond, and Retro definately love the Brutons. BRL 1 is a great one. Heres a treat for you and your comment posters

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Killa, good music for a lazy Sunday arvo.

Américo said...

Man! "Main Endeavour" just blows out the mind with that "disco feeling". And Francis Monkman is brilliant here =)
One of my favourite BRL series.