Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Track 1 - The Wild One / Shorty Rogers & His Orchestra
Track 2 - Frankie Machine / Elmer Bernstein & Orchestra
Track 3 - Statacco's Theme / Buddy Morrow & His Orchestra
Track 4 - Stool Pigeon / Irving Joseph
Track 5 - Touch Of Evil / Joseph Gershenson
Track 6 - Harold's Way / David Amram
Track 7 - Cool / Stan Kenton & His Orchestra
Track 8 - 77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha / Warren Barker
Track 9 - Daddy Long Legs / Leith Stevens & His Orchestra
Track 10 - The Street / Elmer Bernstein
Track 11 - Richard Diamond / Buddy Morrow
Track 12 - Stu Bailey Blues / Warren Barker
Track 13 - Peter Gunn / Quincey Jones
Track 14 - Echo Four-Two / Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra
Track 15 - Contract With Depravity / Kenyon Hopkins
Track 16 - Riff Blues / Skip Martin
Track 17 - M Squad Theme / Stanley Wilson
Track 18 - Naked City / Mundell Lowe & His All Stars

This crime jazz collection digs deeper than many others in the marketplace and unearths a clutch of wonderful gems. My friends at The Crime Lounge will no doubt be familiar with many of these performances but for the casual music fan much of this will be new territory. Aside from the omnipresent "Peter Gunn" there are delights to be found in "The Wild One", "Cool", "77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha" and "M Squad Theme" (parodied in the Naked Gun movies).

All the songs stay true to the crime jazz M.O with much blasting of horns and pounding of drums. There is the occasional subtle number for when the detective goes on a stakeout or hooks up with a seductive dame. It's a good late night record, maybe with a scotch in one hand and your mouse in the other? Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool. Ill give it a whirl. Love crime fiction. Thanks!

Zach Bellissimo said...

Would love to have this! But the link seems to be broken, any chance you can reupload it, daddio?