Saturday, February 19, 2011


Track 1 - The Syndicate
Track 2 - Shot In The Arm
Track 3 - Wishbone
Track 4 - Heavy Gravy
Track 5 - Jim's Pad
Track 6 - First Bouquet
Track 7 - Fun For Fred
Track 8 - All Systems Go
Track 9 - Carrot Top
Track 10 - Town Talk
Track 11 - Flutes Adrift
Track 12 - Take A Break
Track 13 - In A Trice
Track 14 - Midnight Menace
Track 15 - Interrogation
Track 16 - Speculation

As much as I love the style of Bruton and KPM, there is something about De Wolfe records that transcend the norm. Reg Tilsley indulges in many moods and styles throughout the course of these 16 tracks, easily dancing between dramatic, playful and contemplative. The musicians involved do an excellent job of bringing the songs alive and despite the many instruments being used the sound remains uncluttered and cohesive. It's hard to pick specific songs that stand out because the quality is fairly uniform from start to finish. It's a super library listen.

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