Saturday, February 26, 2011


Track 1 - Gut
Track 2 - Reason
Track 3 - Joyride
Track 4 - Warm Side
Track 5 - Speciality
Track 6 - Spice
Track 7 - Flip Top
Track 8 - New Feeling
Track 9 - Swirl
Track 10 - Pringle
Track 11 - Blue Shade
Track 12 - 9 10 Out
Track 13 - Hometown
Track 14 - Maggie's Bossa
Track 15 - Ruby Wine
Track 16 - Cash 'N' Carry

From the opening notes of "Gut" there is no doubting that you're in for a wild library music ride! With a class act like Alan Parker at the helm, the ship is always pointing in the right direction. Some of the many highlights on this record include "Joyride" which comes off sounding like a laid back version of the classic "Funky Fanfare", "Swirl" is a tasty nugget if ever there was one, "Pringle" is 2 minutes of pure groove bliss and "Maggie's Bossa" challenges for the best of the jazzier tracks.

It's impossible to pigeon hole "9 10 Out" into any particular genre, the drumming is in line with standard British library music of the time but there are also elements of rock, pop, funk, jazz and easy listening throughout. Parker never fails to impress me and this release on the De Wolfe label reiterates his status as one of the finest composers of the period.

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I love me some Alan Parker.....great post!