Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Ocean's 12
Track 2 - Taylor Flava
Track 3 - Brooklyn
Track 4 - Old Funk
Track 5 - Vinyl Store
Track 6 - Cadillac Deville
Track 7 - Celestial Funk
Track 8 - Come On
Track 9 - Deep Funk
Track 10 - Feel The Beat
Track 11 - Funk Dealer
Track 12 - Pickpocket
Track 13 - XFunk
Track 15 - Smooth Groove
Track 17 - Sexy Beds
Track 19 - Reggae Lion

I've got no idea who performed this library music collection but they did a top notch job. Covering a range of musical styles (most of them groovy) the artists create a range of 2-3 minute long "beds". For those unfamiliar with the term it relates to music that can be used underneath t.v and radio shows or advertisements. This style lends itself to solid, simple grooves that are instantly satisfying without getting in the way of any potential dialogue that might be laid over the top.

Many of the tracks featured here have an excellent deep bass sound that would be ideal for a porn film soundtrack or a sleazy teen movie. I bought this online a while back and deleted a few tracks that didn't make the grade so you'll have to trust my judgement on that. I really like this CD...hope you do too.


Max Frost said...

Cool. Just stumbled across your blog, it's all brilliant! Well done.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Max, hope you stumble by again soon!

Crazy B said...

ouch!!! dope breakkks! thanks man. breaks are the best!

DJSureal said...

Yo, dope post but can we get the full album? And for the record, "Groovy Beds" is the name of the band. Thanks
DJ Sureal (Universal Zulu Nation)

Mr. Craig said...

Yo Sureal, I bought this off itunes and they didn't make it clear this was a band so it's interesting to find out about that. As for the missing tracks, as I mentioned in the post I deleted them so I would have to rebuy them from itunes just to post here which I don't really want to do...they were pretty rubbish to be honest. Rest of the album's good though.

Innasoul said...

Any chance of a re-up on this mi lion ?

Mr. Craig said...

I'll try to do that for you sometime in the next week.