Thursday, February 10, 2011


Track 1 - Saturn Ski Jump / Harry Beuer
Track 2 - Yakety Moog / Gil Trythall
Track 3 - Son Of Blob / Mort Garson
Track 4 - Earthshine / Jim Cuomo
Track 5 - Moog Foo Yong / Harry Breuer
Track 6 - A Child's Life / Fred Weinberg
Track 7 - Party Machine / Bruce Haack
Track 8 - Paris 2079 / Harry Breuer
Track 9 - Love Syndrome / The Mindexpanders
Track 10 - Sonik Re-Entry / Kid Baltan & Tom Dissevelt
Track 11 - The Ride Of Aida / Mort Garson
Track 12 - Circuit Breaker / Walter Sear
Track 13 - Martha White Theme / Gil Trythall
Track 14 - Space Express / Harry Breuer
Track 15 - Song Of The Second Moon / Kid Baltan & Tom Dissevelt
Track 16 - 1958 Revisited / Fred Weinberg

A good description of this record would be that it's like the soundtrack to a carnival hosted on the moon. And just like the carnival there is much fun to be had. "Yakety Moog" is a version of the music made famous on the "Benny Hill Show" (I also used a similar version in a short film I made many years ago), "Moog Foo Yong" takes the famous instrument on a trip to Hong Kong and "Party Machine" is 8 minutes of pure insanity by Bruce Haack that comes off sounding like a disco infused version of Kraftwerk.

Some of the tracks have a feeling of familiarity, for instance I'm positive the beginning of "Sonik Re-Entry" has been sampled by someone but I can't put my finger on it. Much like "Electronic Toys Vol.1" the overall vibe of the record is strictly adhered to, you could almost believe all these songs came from the same artist.

Please note - sadly the only rip I have is missing the last 2 tracks, if you should happened to find a complete copy (trust me I've already looked hard!) then please leave a message and I'll swap the links over.

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