Saturday, February 12, 2011


Track 1 - Turbo
Track 2 - Better Ways
Track 3 - Autocue
Track 4 - Light Industrial Motion
Track 5 - Communique
Track 6 - Electro Montage 1
Track 7 - Electro Montage 2
Track 8 - Up Market
Track 9 - Full Circle
Track 10 - Soft Shades
Track 11 - Tradition
Track 12 - Perfection 1
Track 13 - Perfection 2
Track 14 - Narrative
Track 15 - Satellite
Track 16 - Future Promise
Track 17 - Clean Machine
Track 18 - Preview

Maybe it's unfair to say that the music industry was treading water in the early 80's but this release makes me think about the artists during that period and how they were looking to reinvent themselves post disco. Part of the problem was that there were new electronic instruments available for use and they tended to be favoured ahead of actual musicians. As a library label, Bruton had a responsibility to harness the prevailing trends and styles to create commercially viable production music and the results can be heard on BRI 11.

The Bastow brothers produced this album and they prove to be a good tag team with Trevor ("Better Ways", "Soft Shades", "Preview") and Geoff ("Communique", "Electro Montage 1", "Full Circle") both creating solid compositions. I would loosely describe BRI 11 as being electro pop with some touches of easy listening and funk. Those of you who are familiar with Bruton's of the same vintage should have a fair idea what to expect with this one.


Mike said...

You have been bringing it like never before! This blog just oozes quality from the seams.

*cue applause*

Mr. Craig said...

Thank you very much. The records should take most of the credit though...but it is nice to have my taste in music validated by your good self.

Mike said...

I mean it's just amazing how many rare gems you've put up in such a short time-span. I never knew most of this stuff existed. That Rainbow Orchestra album, for instance, is one of the best things anyone has ever offered. Retro library/lounge music kicks butt. I also quite liked the exploration of those Electronic Toys albums. Actually, Cosmobells (another blogger) had something very similar if I recall correctly.

Anyway, thanks again.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Mike. You are right, Cosmo put up Electronic Toys previously, but the links are dead so I thought I should post them here.

Glad you enjoy what's happening. I've still got about 300 albums ready to upload plus I'm downloading new material all the time so the good grooves will continue for a long time yet.