Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Track 1 - Soul Ecstasy (Vocal)
Track 2 - Soul Submarine
Track 3 - Citroens 'N' Sitars
Track 4 - Hong Kong Inn
Track 5 - Pussyfoot Ray
Track 6 - Club Kidnap
Track 7 - Sensuous Boogie
Track 8 - Soul Ecstasy (Instrumental)
Track 9 - Looking For Soul
Track 10 - Flytrap
Track 11 - Jungle Lust
Track 12 - Soul Sarod

A truly wonderful soundtrack from 1972 that sways between Curtis Mayfield soul, Latin, Indian grooves and blaxploitation funk. The late Ricardo Tubbs leads his band on a funky voyage that scales the heights of the various genres with casual ease. Unfortunately the only print of the film was destroyed in a fire so we will never get to see a story that apparently involved the Black Panthers and Chinese Mafia...

Another reason is that the film, along with this soundtrack, are completely fake and were imagined up by Craig Borrell and Ross Harris who are better known as DJ Me DJ You. Not surprisingly it was put out by the renowned pranksters at Emperor Norton and was apparently inspired by the re-release of the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack (not that this music has anything in common).

None the less, if you close your eyes and let the groove seduce you then it doesn't really matter when this was recorded. Just appreciate it for what it is - an outstanding collection of music.


Budd said...

This is a very cool album! Thanks!

hippy djkit djfanis said...

Thanks for this and for your comment Mr. Craig.You also have a very good blog!
Hello from Greece.
Dj Fanis