Sunday, February 6, 2011


Track 1 - Motordown
Track 2 - Motordown Fast
Track 3 - Tearaway
Track 4 - Tearaway Intro
Track 5 - Face Of Danger
Track 6 - Face Of Great Danger
Track 7 - Knife Fight
Track 8 - Cold Sweat
Track 9 - Deadly Enemy
Track 10 - Strange Stillness
Track 11 - First Light
Track 12 - Questions
Track 13 - Things To Come
Track 14 - Preparation
Track 15 - Building Intensity
Track 16 - Underwater Beauty 1
Track 17 - Underwater Beauty 2
Track 18 - Underwater Danger
Track 19 - Flashing Teeth
Track 20 - Killer

Bruton BRJ 04 consists of "Suite Of The Hurricane" and "Suite Of The Shark". The music is understandably full of dramatic funk and swirling strings which attempt to create a mood of anxiety and fear in the listener. It is one of the more soundtrack orientated Bruton's I have heard with the obvious comparison being with the movie Jaws. In reality though the second half of the album is quite contemplative and it's not until the last two tracks that the vibe becomes overtly threatening. The standout songs include "Motordown", "Tearaway". "Face Of Danger" and "Questions". This Bruton is by John Scott and Andrew Jackman.

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