Saturday, February 19, 2011


Track 1 - Flashback / Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield
Track 2 - She / Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield
Track 3 - Agressive Jazz Theme / Keith Mansfield
Track 4 - Agressive Jazz Theme Link 1 / Keith Mansfield
Track 5 - Agressive Jazz Theme Link 2 / Keith Mansfield
Track 6 - Continent Of The Americas / Keith Mansfield
Track 7 - Continent Of The Americas Link / Keith Mansfield
Track 8 - Power Montage / Keith Mansfield
Track 9 - Gold Medal Complete / Keith Mansfield
Track 10 - Gold Medal Middle Section / Keith Mansfield
Track 11 - Documentary Fanfare 1 / Don Jackson
Track 12 - Documentary Fanfare 2 / Don Jackson
Track 13 - Documentary Fanfare Without Strings / Don Jackson
Track 14 - Viva Espagnol 1 / Keith Mansfield
Track 15 - Viva Espagnol 2 / Keith Mansfield
Track 16 - Viva Mexico / Keith Mansfield
Track 17 - Crash Program / David Lindup
Track 18 - Crash Program Short Version / David Lindup
Track 19 - The Living City / Johnny Pearson
Track 20 - The Living City Short Version / Johnny Pearson
Track 21 - Pop March / Johnny Pearson
Track 22 - Junior Jet Set / Keith Mansfield
Track 23 - Junior Jet Set Link 1 / Keith Mansfield
Track 24 - Junior Jet Set Link 2 / Keith Mansfield
Track 25 - Young Set / Keith Mansfield
Track 26 - Double Act / Keith Mansfield

Another classic of the KPM 1000 series, "Flamboyant Themes" was popular enough to spawn a couple of sequels and it's easy to hear why. It's a difficult album to pin down in terms of an overall sound, maybe mod-jazz with pop flourishes? There is also a crime jazz feel to the opening few tracks.

The library A List is here with Mansfield, Pearson, Hawkshaw and Lindup all showing off their skills. There are about a dozen short cues in this collection. Out of the "full length" tracks the highlights are many and varied, "Continent Of The Americas" is an 84 second delight while "Power Montage" has a wicked drum and bass platform for it's fanfare to work off. Tracks 14-16 with their South American influence are thoroughly enticing and "Young Set" is featured here with a slightly more rock n roll version than the one that appears on "Sound Gallery" under the title of "Young Scene".


Mike said...

Can't get enough of these KPMs. There are so many library LPs from here to Bruton and beyond that it's staggering.

Mr. Craig said...

Yep, it's like a groovy party that never ends.

aceha1 said...

Well played, sir!

mister mark said...

the full version of "the young set" is a groovy beast! and i know "pop march" from the anti-censorship promo russ meyer shot to play before his movies, i do think it's on several of the DVDs.. i'm no expert on library music but i am learning..

Mr. Craig said...

I have been meaning to get some Russ Meyer music to put on here. Will get around to it one day.

Trust me, I'm no expert either! Just got plenty of passion. That's all you need anyway.