Sunday, February 13, 2011


Updated Link -

Track 1 - Stereau Warmup
Track 2 - Snackcercise
Track 3 - Lift The One You Love
Track 4 - Exercise Your Rights
Track 5 - Dream Dancin'
Track 6 - La Vie Aerobique
Track 7 - Sit Down
Track 8 - Breath Easy
Track 9 - A Little Chin Music
Track 10 - Hairobiques Made Easy
Track 11 - Au Revoir

I've said it before and I'll say it again - you just don't find wonderful junk like this any more. Not only is it gobsmacking that this album was conceived, funded and produced but it also proved to be highly popular! I mean, it's an angry, overweight puppet pig taking the piss out of the 80's aerobics craze. It really is a credit to the unbelievable popularity of the Muppets that they spawned countless films and albums over the course of so many years. While I wouldn't recommend this as a weight loss tool, it will exercise your funny bone!


Reimer said...

Yes, this is just the kind of thing that gives me a warm glow and chuckles at the wheel of the car as it plays. Thanks and God bless.


Anno Nymous said...

Unfortunately it's down! Would you please make it available again? THX!