Monday, February 28, 2011


Updated compilation can be found here

Track 1 - Moon Ski
Track 2 - The Action Scene
Track 3 - Grandstand
Track 4 - Powerhouse Pop
Track 5 - Funky Fanfare
Track 6 - Funky Thing
Track 7 - Blockbuster
Track 8 - Organ Mania
Track 9 - Hot Property
Track 10 - The Contract
Track 11 - Teenage Ton Up
Track 12 - Teenage Villain
Track 13 - City Limits (A)
Track 14 - Handmade By Robots
Track 15 - Life Of Leisure

The second installment in my Legends Of Library series has the focus turning to Keith "The Man" Mansfield. All the tracks have been collected from KPM's or library music compilations except for "Grandstand" which is sourced from the BBC. Ofcourse it's impossible to go past the classics such as "Funky Fanfare' and "Organ Mania". I kept things fairly uptempo but "The Contract", "City Limits (A)" and the electronic "Handmade By Robots" show off Keith's flexibility. And what better way to end than with the dreamy delight that is "Life Of Leisure".

I hope you enjoy the mix and be sure to let me know what you think. You can find Legends Of Library: Alan Hawkshaw here.


DefChef said...

Well you can count on this comp shooting up the Popular Posts chart pretty soon....looks like a great mix of classic tracks and material that doesn't automatically ring a bell...but given yr track record when it comes to pulling together an all killer/no filler library comp, I'm sure this one is gonna be claiming space on my iPod straight thru the summer....thanks for puttin' it up there!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Def. Have hit a bit of a slow patch as far as comments go in the last few days so your message cheered me right up. Funk on!

Mike said...

Keith Mansfield = one of the greats. I loved his Night Bird album. Interesting fact: Keith, like many of the other great composers of the era, didn't undergo formal music training. Instead, he relied more on learning by ear and training himself through the process of composing music -- the natural way of developing your craft, rather than being handed a specific method by a music academy and having your individuality stripped away.

Mr. Craig said...

That's the same with all artistic pursuits I think. The best teacher in the world is yourself.

Mike said...

You got it. Too many people rely on the methodic "programming" of music academies and such, but the best way is to learn on your own.

September 70 Sounds said...

Fantastic. Thanks for an immensely enjoyable compilation of Keith Mansfield tracks.

I think I first (re)found the whole library scene when the first ‘Sound Gallery’ compilation was released. It brought back all of the old 70’s themes and incidental music that I remember during my childhood, being from the UK television was filled with funky dynamics that made you feel that you should be ski-ing down Everest in a velvet suit drinking Tia Maria or gunning your dune buggy through the streets of Rochester smoking a Cuban cigar and laughing like a maniac. The truth was that the 70’s lifestyle was relatively dull with the exception of Angel Delight. Still, Keith Mansfield and all of the other library greats could make you dream.

Mr. Craig said...

For me it was Scoctopus: The In Sound From Octopus Records that started my library music journey with The Sound Gallery not far behind. My early musical memories are from 80's cartoon and tv themes and my Dad's western and war movie soundtracks. My tastes moved though pop and rock before the alternative influx. Moved on to electronic music, hip hop and punk then found my way to library, jazz and funk around 1999.