Monday, February 7, 2011


Track 1 - Theme from CHiPs
Track 2 - "Maquina" My Love
Track 3 - I Love You CHiPs
Track 4 - California Sunset
Track 5 - Route 101
Track 6 - Ventura Feeling
Track 7 - Power Chase
Track 8 - Moonlight Freeway

Japanese disco funk soundtrack for a U.S cop show? Sign me up please! From what I understand Yuji only performs a couple of tracks on this album, the rest are by Alan Silvestri and come from the 1981 season of the show. Along with the disco funk there are elements of jazz and easy listening, it's all good fun and the obscurity of the record adds to the experience. My top pick would be "I Love You CHiPs".


Budd said...

Brilliant! I love this theme tune. I remember as a kid riding my BMX 'CHiPs' style with my mates!!

retronic said...

Looks good! Cheers.

Mr. Craig said...

I don't think CHiPs ever made it to t.v here in Australia. If it did it was just before my time.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Ha, I saw this on german TV in the early nineties, when the 70s were already a memory, and the 2 guys were already regarded as jokes. But that was the fun! This show looked just like a satire, a parody to us. But I think it had been meant seriously when it was new?

Haha, thanks for this album, I really appreciate that! I saw the link on Mark's Easy Listening World, so thank you Mark for leading me to this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much, brother. I've seen this around but all links were dead. CHiPs is my favorite show ever. You made me very happy today!

Mr. Craig said...

Thank you for the nice comments folks.

Norr said...

Awesome !! thanks a lot man ;) Yuji Ohno is one of da best funky mood music creator ! Captain Future is a good example too. If you got other Rip of his discography, i will be so thanksfull. Great Job

Mr. Craig said...

I will have a look around for you. Thanks for the comment.