Thursday, February 17, 2011


Track 1 - Mindbender / Barry Forgie
Track 2 - Mediterranee / Barry Forgie
Track 3 - Ballata / Barry Forgie
Track 4 - Haunted / Barry Forgie
Track 5 - Catharsis / Barry Forgie
Track 6 - Dawn Mists / Barry Forgie
Track 7 - Undercover Girl / Anthony Mawer
Track 8 - Freedom Road / Anthony Mawer
Track 9 - Afro Samba / Nino Nardini
Track 10 - Tropicala / Nino Nardini
Track 11 - Safari Park / Nino Nardini
Track 12 - Perdition / Roger Roger

From the Peer International music library comes this absolutely must have album of groove excellence. The music by Barry Forgie, Anthony Mawer, Nino Nardini and Roger Roger is outstanding and it's impact has been felt far beyond the usual library music circles. It is so sought after among collectors not only because of the names involved but the strength of each and every track. The story goes that Forgie created the first 6 tracks before the album was handed over to PIL's French composers who were asked to provide compositions sympathetic to the work already created. The results speak for themselves.


Mike said...

Wicked post!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Mike. I thought that being Funky's 3 month anniversary I should post something special.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this and for your wonderful blog!

PYITE said...

dope. What would you recommend next!?