Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Track 1 - Cramp Your Style / All The People
Track 2 - You Got To Be A Man / Helene Smith
Track 3 - I Get Lifted / George McCrae
Track 4 - Funky Cat / Little Beaver
Track 5 - 90% Of Me Is You / Gwen McCrae
Track 6 - Funkadelic Sound / Little Beaver
Track 7 - Save Me / James Knight & The Butlers
Track 8 - Do It To Me One More Time / Joey Gilmore
Track 9 - A Woman Will Do No Wrong / Helene Smith
Track 10 - Fantasy World / James Knight & The Butlers
Track 11 - Funky Me / Timmy Thomas
Track 12 - Cadillac Annie / The New Clarence Reid
Track 13 - The Spanish Flyer / Frank Williams & The Rocketeers
Track 14 - Don't Make The Good Girls Go Bad / Delia Humphrey
Track 15 - You Got To Be A Man / Frank William & The Rocketeers
Track 16 - Someone Done Took My Baby And Gone / Joey Gilmore
Track 17 - I Love The Way You Love / Little Beaver

Wow! This is a killer compilation of funky tunes that puts a lot of the competition to shame. Almost every song has something that makes it a classic, with passionate vocals, crazy drumming, pumping horns and groovy guitars all over the place. There are two versions of "You Got To Be A Man" with one by a female vocalist and the other by a male which makes for an interesting comparison. If I was forced to pick my top tracks I'd say "Don't Let The Good Girls Go Bad", "Cramp Your Style" and "90% Of Me Is You" really hit the spot. I could quite happily spend the whole day listening to this CD and not get bored. 10 out of 10 Frolics!


Killa said...

Little Beaver is one of my favorites.. I love his song party life

Funkyfil44 said...

the finest from SOUL BROTHERS RECORDS, respect to STUART BAKER the creatoe of the reissue label. Craig ! you can travel also in FLORIDA with the famous FLORIDA FUNK 45s compilation of Gerald"JAZZMAN" (thanks to him for personnally autographed my CD's buy on line on JAZZMAN RECORDS...)