Friday, February 4, 2011


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Track 1 - Cancrizzante In Ritmo
Track 2 - Cancrizzante A Solo
Track 3 - Kilomb
Track 4 - Su 60 Impulsi 1
Track 5 - Su 60 Impulsi 2
Track 6 - Jazz Modulation
Track 7 - Mono-Tone
Track 8 - Condensatzioni 1
Track 9 - Condensatzioni 2
Track 10 - Frase In Metallo
Track 11 - Diorama E Recitativo

Not much information I can give you on this one besides that it's Italian and from 1972. The music is electronic with a general musique concrete and outer space vibe to it. Considering the other electronic music that was released around the same period this stacks up very well. It's mostly sparse and spooky but "Jazz Modulation" has an undercurrent of funkiness. The production quality is excellent and it's not surprising that it has now been re released ( on CDR and only 50 copies!).


Anonymous said...

well is not discogs that has reissued this on cdr but the usa based slef made label Creel Pone.

The real musician here should be Giorgio Carnini Italian organist session man.



Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up?