Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Track 1 - Stabilised Converters
Track 2 - Credit Card
Track 3 - Plastic Padding
Track 4 - Toyota Town
Track 5 - Romantix
Track 6 - Electro Pop
Track 7 - Teens
Track 8 - Bendenear
Track 9 - Soft Ride
Track 10 - Macrochip
Track 11 - China Motown
Track 12 - Silent Space
Track 13 - Solar Transfer

It's from the early 1980's, it's called Plastix and it's by a guy called Phil Famous. No surprises then that this collection is filled with electro synth pop with a healthy topping of cheese. Some tracks of note include "Romantix" which has some sections that sound vaguely like a certain hit song from Lady Gaga, "Electro Pop" has been used for many years to sell rice crackers on Australian t.v, "China Motown" is a real delight and the final two space themed songs invoke Brian Bennett. "Plastix" exceeded my listening expectations and has become a valued member of my Bruton collection...give it a go for yourself.


Legomegacy said...

more electro cheese please :))

Mr. Craig said...

Thy shall be done.