Saturday, February 26, 2011


Track 1 - Happy Days
Track 2 - T.V Heroes
Track 3 - Star Trek
Track 4 - Theme From SWAT
Track 5 - Baretta's Theme
Track 6 - Welcome Back Kotter
Track 7 - Ape's Shuffle (From Planet Of The Apes)
Track 8 - Chico And The Man
Track 9 - Making Our Dreams Come True (Laverne And Shirley)
Track 10 - Theme From Down Under

Wonderland Records strike again with this unusual selection of t.v theme covers. Despite being primarily aimed at children the performances are rather good with the likes of "Star Trek" and "Ape's Shuffle" given an electro pop infusion. The two cop show themes are executed in a similar manner while "Happy Days" and "Making Our Dreams Come True" are fairly true to the originals. The album finishes with the excellent surf rock / go go groove of "Theme From Down Under". A record filled with funky fun for everyone.

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