Thursday, February 24, 2011


Track 1 - Enormous Introduction
Track 2 - Gogo
Track 3 - Nudinuff
Track 4 - Non Compis Mentis
Track 5 - Radio Bembe
Track 6 - Latin Bantu Lounge
Track 7 - Bushman
Track 8 - Frantic Activity
Track 9 - Highway
Track 10 - Artic Rainforest

The cover art isn't just for show - these funky cats hail from Helsinki, Finland! The grooves on this album are so hot I'd be surprised if they weren't contributing to global warming. The almost 10 minute long "Enormous Introduction" highlights the dedication this band has to replicating the true afro beat sound. Tracks like "Latin Bantu Lounge" have more of a jazz funk feel while "Bushman" with it's smooth wah wah groove could pass for porn music. However it is the straight up afro of "Frantic Activity" and Nudinuff" that provide the most satisfaction on this quality recording.


Thom said...

Oh my, what an enormous, pulsating intro these boys have. You can so feel it swelling to a climax!
Great post, again, Mr Craig. Great Post!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic album!!

Highly Recommended for anyone who appreciates great music!