Monday, February 21, 2011


Track 1 - A Day To Celebrate
Track 2 - This Minute
Track 3 - Light The Sky On Fire
Track 4 - Goodnight But Not Goodbye

This a selection of musical highlights from the Star Wars Holiday Special which aired on Nov. 17, 1978 throughout Canada and the United States. The plot of the program revolves around Chewbacca and Han Solo travelling to Chewy's home planet to celebrate "Life Day". The special is notable for a couple of reasons, firstly there is a Carrie Fisher performance set to the Star Wars theme music and secondly it is the first time that Boba Fett is introduced to fans.

Apparently George Lucas was displeased with the end results of the special and it has never been officially released or re-telecast. can watch the whole thing, including the fantastic retro advertising breaks, right here -


Anonymous said...

Pleaaasssseee Reupload?

Mr. Craig said...

I'm on holiday right now but I'll do that for you next week when I return.