Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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Track 1 - Humming Bird 1
Track 2 - Humming Bird 2
Track 3 - Saturday Off
Track 4 - Girl In Camera
Track 5 - Pretty Girl
Track 6 - The Original Choggle Choggle
Track 7 - Twinkle
Track 8 - Smooth Remedy
Track 9 - First Child
Track 10 - Pretty Colours
Track 11 - Routine Procedure
Track 12 - Holiday Commercial
Track 13 - Happy Girl
Track 14 - Light Relief
Track 15 - Happy Holiday
Track 16 - Love Life
Track 17 - Kid's Stuff
Track 18 - Soft Starter
Track 19 - Through Misty Eyes

"Sweet Groove" contains a bundle of pop/lounge/easy tunes that really hit the spot. At times this record sounds similar to the work released on the Sound Gallery Vol.2 compilation while elsewhere there is a Beach Boys vibe on tracks such as "Happy Holiday", "Twinkle" and "Happy Girl". Flutes, organ and light guitar feature heavily along with some pleasing horns and drumming. Johnny Pearson teamed up with Keith Mansfield for this album so you know you're in good hands. Sweet grooves all the way.


house303 said...

Exactly the "summery" groove I'm looking for're making my winter days easier to go by...Thanks!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks house. It's the height of summer hear in Australia so I was actually hoping these cool grooves would help "chill" me out.