Friday, February 18, 2011


Track 1 - Hurry, Hurry / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 2 - Cha Choo, Cha Choo / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 3 - Watch It / The Buxton Orr Sound
Track 4 - Disco Girl / Budapest Radio Orchestra
Track 5 - My Summer Love / Robin Jones & His Quintet
Track 6 - Searching In Vain / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 7 - Africa Revisited / Robin Jones & His Quintet
Track 8 - Velvet Slipper / The Lem Arcon Sound
Track 9 - Watch Your Steps / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 10 - Passing Clouds / The Dick Hunter Five
Track 11 - Bandolero / Ted Nord Sound
Track 12 - Flambeau / Ted Nord Sound
Track 13 - Bej Ge Le / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 14 - Tse Tse / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 15 - Urubu / Robin Jones & His Quintet
Track 16 - Anxiety / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 17 - Why Do You Say Goodbye? / Polish Radio Orchestra
Track 18 - Atlas / The Robin Jones Seven

Here's another batch of retro European easy/lounge/jazz tunes to get your feet tapping. The excellent Polish Radio Orchestra create the backbone for this compilation and the supporting acts are just as impressive. "Watch It" will be of particular interest to crime jazz fans, "Passing Clouds" has a lovely Italian soundtrack feel to it, "Urubu" is straight up exotica and the 7 minute long "Atlas" provides a fitting finale. However, it's the Poles that really shine through with tracks such as the sublime "Watch Your Steps" making a serious impact. I spent many years searching for this collection and it didn't let me down.


aceha1 said...

Thanks you muthafuckin' stud!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Craig said...

My pleasure sexee!

spacedBoogie said...

what a gem, in every sense of the word. I absolutely love this!

Anonymous said...

Links above are dead. Get it here.

Phillip said...

Late to the party, but many thanks.