Saturday, January 7, 2012


Track 1 - Tipsy
Track 2 - Distensione
Track 3 - Search
Track 4 - Target
Track 5 - Irony
Track 6 - Misly
Track 7 - Battuta D'Arresto
Track 8 - Target (Album Version)
Track 9 - Perfect
Track 10 - Saguia
Track 11 - Jet Society
Track 12 - Chrisalis
Track 13 - Misly (Album Version)
Track 14 - Hypotesis
Track 15 - Gad-Fly
Track 16 - Trip
Track 17 - Contrasi
Track 18 - Riri

The Cordara Orchestra is another member of the Italian rare groove club along with the likes of the Barigozzi Group, I Gres, I Marc 4, Arawak, Freedom Power, Blue Sharks and Pulsar Music Ltd. Ably led by Carlo Cordara, you will find plenty of the prerequisite organ, piano and flute combined with laid back guitar and restrained drumming. Pleasingly there are a number of tracks that fall into the category of crime jazz with the best examples being "Hypotesis" ( a misspelling of hypothesis I presume ) and the two versions of "Target". The occasional moments of funk such as opening number "Tipsy" are most welcome and add another dimension to this very impressive compilation. You can also find several Cordara Orchestra tracks scattered through the Mo'Plen series which can be found in my compilations section.

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DonHo57 said...

Great stuff. Thanks for all the great music you post up for your faithful followers...I enjoy it!