Friday, January 20, 2012


Like many people I have been wondering why I can't get on to Megaupload in the last few hours. The sad news is that they have been shut down by the U.S Government. We seem to be entering a new phase where the internet is much more highly controlled by the powers to be. You can read the article here.

I will endeavour over the next few days to replace my MU links so please bear with me during this period. All the best from Mr.Craig.


darnall 42 said...

Sadly i think that The FBI will be closing all the other major file hosts in the future.personally i use mainly 4Shared or mediafire but i can see those going down in the next few months

Muff Diver said...

Big Brother doesn't like things He can't control.

Remember when we all thought that Big Brother was a euphemism for Smokin' Joe Stalin and his Fellow Travelers within the Soviet Bloc and China?

This situation of the U.S. trying to police the entire world is going to get worse before it gets better, I think.

Ahh, the Good Ol' Days, when life (and politics) seemed simpler...

To all U.S. citizens, contact your Congressional Representative re: PIPA and SOPA and urge them to fight these proposals before they become the law.

Mr. Craig, I feel I can speak for your legions of fans within the blogosphere when I say that I appreciate what Funky Frolics stands for and all that you do. Thanks for your hard work in bringing happiness to mere strangers. Please don't stop.

Finally, RIP MegaUpLoad, you are already sorely missed! 'Tis a sad day.


Crazy B said...

curious about next one... wich is going to be closed. damn megaupload was hot!

Ian Van Groove said...

Heavy Shit! This may be the beginning of THINGS TO COME. Damn! Get it while you can!