Friday, January 6, 2012


Track 1 - Love Without Sound
Track 2 - My Game Of Loving
Track 3 - Here Come The Fleas
Track 4 - Firebird
Track 5 - Your Hidden Dreams
Track 6 - The Visitation
Track 7 - The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell

To apologise for my Dr.Who gaffe yesterday, here is a bizarre electronic / psychedelic rock opera created by Delia Derbyshire, Dave Vorhaus, Brian Hodgson and John McDonald. It's certainly difficult music to describe, there's plenty of tape manipulation and interesting effects combined with standard instruments, trippy vocals and occasional high pitched screams of agony. It says something about Vorhaus and Derbyshire that I was actually expecting this to be stranger. From what I gather the first six tracks took over a year to complete and when the label put pressure on them to finish they pumped out "The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell" in one day and it turns out to be the most interesting piece on the album. To get best results listen to this with headphones on.


Anonymous said...

Agreat mad album of elctronics. An interesting snippet of information is that The Black Mass is used in the britsploitation movie Dracula AD 1972 during the summoning in the deserted church.


Holly said...

Yes, this a real favorite!

Ian Van Groove said...

I had this lp in my collection for years. Once upon a time, I was a psych DJ (too long ago to mention) & it often got a spin, heady daze! Good to hear it again, still 'out there'. Yeah, Dracula AD 1972, now there's a groovy movie!

aceha1 said...

Thank you for this and all the rest!!!! This blog is GREAT!