Thursday, January 26, 2012


Track 1 - P Walk
Track 2 - Brighton Rock
Track 3 - Igor's Revenge
Track 4 - The Noose
Track 5 - Windy City
Track 6 - Cha Love
Track 7 - The Chase
Track 8 - Laurel Canyon
Track 9 - Indian Summer
Track 10 - Prog Funk
Track 11 - Electric Tit
Track 12 - Spooky Street
Track 13 - That's Right
Track 14 - Echo Park
Track 15 - Jagger
Track 16 - Ping Pong Song
Track 17 - Westenders
Track 18 - Skunky Funky
Track 19 - Garden Funk
Track 20 - Boogaloo
Track 21 - Theme From Andrex
Track 22 - Praying Mantis
Track 23 - 26
Track 24 - 60's Swinger
Track 25 - Lou's Place

Those of you who have been visiting Funky Frolic for a while will be aware of my adoration for Shawn Lee and this album is another example of his fine work. Lee takes all the best elements of 1970's library music ( breakbeats, deep bass, porn grooves, tripped out electronics etc. ) and then turns out sublime funk fueled nuggets. The hard-as-nails drumming will probably be the first thing that hits you while listening to these tracks but the heavy beats are complimented skillfully by keyboards, guitar, bongos, sitar and a range of other instruments.

Much of the music would be right at home on a sleazy 70's OST from Italy or the U.S, however unlike soundtrack music these pieces are kept super tight with only a couple of tracks going beyond two and a half minutes. Those of you with keen ears will also identify the occasional library sample slipped in along the way ( "Electric Tit" comes to mind ). If you haven't got on the Shawn Lee bandwagon yet then check this record out and jump aboard!

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