Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Track 1 - Bargain With The Devil
Track 2 - Jessica's Theme
Track 3 - Dimitry's Theme
Track 4 - Robert's Theme
Track 5 - Jessica's Theme Pt.2
Track 6 - Family's Theme
Track 7 - Bargain With The Devil Pt.2
Track 8 - Flute Sequence
Track 9 - Dimitry's Theme Pt.2
Track 10 - Family's Theme Pt.2

To be honest I was expecting this to be a lot more funky but there are a handful of moments that makes it an interesting soundtrack to listen to. "Family's Theme" has a nice jazz / funk vibe and both of the "Dimitry's Theme" tracks have an excellent drum based progression. The score certainly must have had its fans because it earned a release in several different countries including Canada and Australia ( you can find some of the alternative covers below ). I might warm to this album in time but for now I'll be sticking to Micalizzi's awesome "Violence OST".

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