Sunday, January 22, 2012


Track 1 - Main Theme / Goodbye Carter (Bobby Hughes Experience Mix)
Track 2 - "You're A Big Man But You're In Bad Shape"
Track 3 - M15
Track 4 - Black Is Beautiful
Track 5 - Mr. Easy
Track 6 - Jazz It Up (Mitchell & Dewbury Mix)
Track 7 - Love Is A Four Letter Word
Track 8 - Diamond Fortress (Karminsky Experience Mix)
Track 9 - "Suppose I Phone The Police..."
Track 10 - Hanky Panky
Track 11 - Beauty & The Bass (Edit)
Track 12 - M17
Track 13 - "You're A Cop, Ex-Cop"
Track 14 - Diamonds
Track 15 - The Girl In The Car
Track 16 - Jazz Source (Edit)
Track 17 - Livin' Should Be This Way
Track 18 - "It's All Rotten"
Track 19 - Free Tarrant
Track 20 - Theme M8
Track 21 - Hallucinations (Edit)

Here is a fine collection of classic Budd tunes culled from films such as "Get Carter", "Tomorrow Never Comes", "The Black Windmill" and others. I really don't need to say much about the music, it is crime jazz at its finest mixed in with some vocal numbers and dialogue from the movies in question. A few of  the tracks have been given the remix treatment which seems a bit unnecessary but they are done with the up most respect for the original material. While one single album could never do Roy's career justice this is certainly a well selected and entertaining mix of his work. Credit goes to Sleazy Listening for the link.

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