Friday, January 13, 2012


Track 1 - Old Town Pump
Track 2 - Bullseye
Track 3 - The Pawtucket Hussle
Track 4 - Mr. McFeeley
Track 5 - Space Invader
Track 6 - Smack My Bishop
Track 7 - Tussin And Crumpets
Track 8 - Smack, Pt.2
Track 9 - Untitled

The Freelance Bishops hail from Massachusetts, U.S.A and this is their debut release from 1999. What you can expect here are danceable jazz / funk workouts with touches of soul and R&B. The stars in my opinion are Stephen Giannaros on sax and Jeremy Parker on keyboard who provide some sensational solos. Overall there aren't too many surprises to be had and I'm sure they would have sounded a lot better live but there's enough going on to keep the listen engaged. I like the cool retro cover art as well.

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