Monday, January 16, 2012


Track 1 - Diamond Dust/Vida
Track 2 - Something So Simple
Track 3 - Stay With Me
Track 4 - Hangin' On
Track 5 - Somebody's Callin'
Track 6 - The Breeze And I
Track 7 - Runaway
Track 8 - I Wouldn't Change A Thing
Track 9 - Backseat
Track 10 - Everything Is Coming Our Way
Track 11 - Fried Neck Bones And Home Fries

Percussionist and one time member of Santana's band, Coke Escovedo released this solo album back in 1976. The music is mainly soulful funk with Latin rhythms and naturally there is some really nice percussion included as well. A few of the tracks wander off into forgettable pop / disco territory but for the most part it's an enjoyable listen. The key piece is "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" which is much loved and much sampled due to the awesome drum break that kicks off the song. That, along with the cool cover art and album title were enough to seal the deal for me. I hope you feel the same way.


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Bill said...

Many thanks!

john said...

Thanks for this! I played briefly in the related band Azteca, which was mostly Coke's brother Pete's doing (Coke was "under the weather" for the most part during Azteca's existence). Great playing, great singing, great memories! Also just a huge band (up to 16 or so!) which couldn't make any money, plus a lot of ego going on, which eventually helped sink it just as much as lack of gigs. Anyway, Pete is still playing great music!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for dropping by and providing that interesting info John!

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Thank you!