Saturday, January 21, 2012


Track 1 - Rito A Los Angeles / Giuseppe De Luca
Track 2 - Dorian Gray / Giuseppe De Luca
Track 3 - Sisy / Giampiero Boneschi
Track 4 - Dies Irae Psichedelico / Ennio Morricone
Track 5 - Oakum / Giampiero Boneschi
Track 6 - In Un Ricordo / Ennio Morricone
Track 7 - New Situation / Giampiero Boneschi
Track 8 - Saturns Ambush / Giampiero Boneschi
Track 9 - Italamericana Collage / Piero Piccioni
Track 10 - Giallo A Londra / Giuseppe De Luca
Track 11 - Omicidio Per Vocazione / Stefano Torossi
Track 12 - Secondo Rito / Ennio Morricone
Track 13 - Stato Confusionale / Ennio Morricone
Track 14 - Margaret / Giuseppe De Luca
Track 15 - October Fest / Giuseppe De Luca
Track 16 - Iniziazone '72 / Ennio Morricone
Track 17 - Motivi Psichedelici / Daniele Patucchi 

Barry 7's second installment of the Connectors series finds him focusing on rare and unusual delights from Italian composers such as Morricone, De Luca, Torossi and Piccioni. This is no ordinary soundtrack or library collection, the tracks are super rare and in many cases super weird! Take for example "Italamericana Collage" which sounds like three different pieces of music mashed together to create a jazzy, musique concrete nightmare. Torossi provides a typically enjoyable slice of psych tinged crime funk and De Luca's "October Fest" is the musical equivalent of drinking 10 steins of beer. In fact every track on this comp has something unique or weird which makes it stand out. When you combine that with a typically Italian sensibility the result is a must listen collection!


the jazzstronaut said...

Another superb collection Mr Craig, cheers.

Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

Thank for this "connectors2" (great selection)
and for stay tuned ......

Ricardo Ruas said...

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