Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Track 1 - Violet Lips
Track 2 - White Neck
Track 3 - Dark Hands
Track 4 - Silver Legs
Track 5 - Green Nails
Track 6 - Red Face
Track 7 - Lilac Arms
Track 8 - Yellow Fingers
Track 9 - Blue Hairs
Track 10 - Black Heart
Track 11 - Golden Eyes
Track 12 - Grey Cheeks
Track 13 - Rose Nose
Track 14 - Ivory Breast

There is no mistaking the Barigozzi Group sound. Super tight compositions featuring laid back jazz grooves and seriously funky drumming are taken to another level by Giancarlo Barigozzi's flute performances. A number of these tracks feature on the Easy Tempo compilation "The Optical Sound" and mysteriously this rip contains four extra tracks which I can only presume come from either the album "Rock In The Air" or "Urubamba" ( under the band name The Tropicals ). This album really is Italian rare groove heaven and it's no surprise that these 1970's recordings continue to be so popular today ( and costly if you wish to buy an original copy ). If you are interested in artists with a similar vibe I would suggest checking out "Scoctopus: The In Sound From Octopus Records".

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